Welcome in the style.


at the Sartoria Caliendo you will always be welcomed in a warm and cozy environment where we will offer you a good Neapolitan coffee: an espresso prepared with the moka.

So, discover the style and meet the taylors:



Elia Caliendo: knowing he has to protect the tradition he has inherited from over 50 years of work of his father, Elia puts at the disposal of his clients all of the things that make the work of an artisan unique and full of craftsmanship.

“The pleasure to wear a suit, not to feel forced to put a suit on.”




The details: This is what makes our tailoring impossible to replicate. Every one of our work can be different from the previous one and from the next one, precisely because of the details we use.

The pockets, the inside, the model, the fit. Our client must ask, we must provide of know-how.




The blazer: with two buttons and the lateral cuts, double-breasted with softer lapels, one and half-breast without lateral cuts. This may seem a list of strange details, but in reality it is only the beginning of many things our artisans can make.




Biagio Caliendo: He is the person that since forever believed and still believes that the artisan must create something for someone whose taste and needs he knows, merging such taste and needs to the Neapolitan tradition.




The tools: still the same since 100 years which we fix and replace but never substitute with something different ensuring we protect and continue to offer the taste of the Neapolitan tradition.




The fabrics: fabric is the element that makes the work and skills of a tailor possible to appreciate at first sight. When one touches it, one can feel the fine or rustic work of the artisans.