Sartoria Caliendo began in Naples in 1965.

At the age of 21 Biagio realized his dream of having a tailor business in his own name.He chose Piazza dei Martiri,the most elegant square in Naples and the business is still in this same location.Following in his footsteps Elia began working with his father from an early age,even while he was still at school.Biagio realized that Elia’s passion was not just a passing phase and indeed when he had graduated from high school he continued to work alongside his father,continuing the family tradition.From that moment Elia dedicated himself completely to perfecting his tailoring skills,taking advantage of all he could learn from his father’s expertise after more than 40years experience.
From that moment Elia has always worked with passion,seeking to improve on the work done by his father,without ever altering the philosophy of a skilled craftsman in the Neapolitan tradition,This,after all,has been his calling card and Elia continues to capitalize on these characteristics which have lead the clothes produced by Sartoria Caliendo to be valued and appreciated far from their city of origin.
In January 2006 a further step was taken to improve customer satisfaction when a showroom opened to wide acclaim in Milan’s Magent district.From this base,Sartorial Caliendo reached out to an international market and now Elia visit London twice a month where he meets his new clients from across the Channel who appreciate the widely acclaimed Neapolitan sartorial tradition.
Unique and inimitable but also impossible to produce if one is not a sartorial craftsman and above all a Neapolitan tailor.
Three meetings to discuss the choice of cloth and for fitting is the only way to satisfy the client.
In the prestigious Hotel Caruso in Ravello there is a small Sartoria Caliendo boutique which enables clients to combine a holiday enjoying the beauties of the Amalfi coast with the pleasure of having a suit fitted and made within the comfort of one’s Hotel.