Welcome in the style

at the Sartoria Caliendo you will always be welcomed in a warm and cozy environment where we will offer you a good Neapolitan coffee: an espresso prepared with the moka.
So, discover the style and meet the taylors:

Over 50 years of pure Neapolitan tailoring

Introducing the tailors: Biagio and Elia Caliendo

Biagio Caliendo: He is the person that since forever believed and still believes that the artisan must create something for someone whose taste and needs he knows, merging such taste and needs to the Neapolitan tradition.

Elia Caliendo: knowing he has to protect the tradition he has inherited from over 50 years of work of his father, Elia puts at the disposal of his clients all of the things that make the work of an artisan unique and full of craftsmanship.

“The pleasure to wear a suit, not to feel forced to put a suit on.”

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