Take a look at our style

  • Elia Caliendo wears a 355gr “Smith Wollens” solaro suit. Single-breasted, completely unlined and without slits, a RIVA poplin shirt with French-style collar and cuffs for cuffed cufflinks. E&G Cappelli tie.
  • Simon Crompton instead wears a 330gr Loro Piana cashmere jacket with lined front and unlined back. The pockets are all applied, in the typical “pignata” shape. On the sleeves there is only one button to make it even more sporty. The trousers, on the other hand, are in 340gr Loro Piana worsted wool. Without pence and with adjustable buckles on the sides.
  • Ben Chew is dressed entirely in a 390g pure Irish linen suit. Completely unlined. The breast pocket is in the characteristic “boat” shape, while the lower front pockets are in the typical “pignata” shape typical of Neapolitan sports jackets which make the same jacket less formal and more versatile. The contrast is completed by a Regimental tie in a wool & linen & silk blend and a poplin shirt.
Londra, Victoria&Albert Museum, Spring