Let us guide you in the discovery of the true Neapolitan tailoring tradition

Backstitchs: in “by hand” processing these are the points of maximum precision and represent the maximum expression of fine finishes. They surround the hem of the jacket and pockets and change according to the angle of the garment: double stitching for a sporty garment, single stitching for a more formal garment.


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Buttonholes: these are the embroideries that enhance all the tailor’s work, making it even more exclusive. Hand embroidered, their task is to button the front and cuffs of the jacket.

External “Barchetta” breast pocket: particular line slightly curved in the center and rounded at both ends.

External “pignata” pocket at the bottom of the front of the jacket: particular line of the pockets located at the bottom of the front of the jacket, it is so called because it recalls the rounded shape of the ends of the famous terracotta pot.

“Shirt” sleeve: typical craftsmanship of Neapolitan tailoring in which the sleeve of the jacket is sewn and turned under the shoulder as is the case for shirts, giving the sleeve itself a softness and greater comfort by all called “puff sleeves”.

What fabrics do we use?

Combed: made with natural fibers of animal or vegetable nature, they have a shaved appearance and are usually fresher and lighter.

Carded: made with natural fibers of animal nature, they have a softer and fuller appearance and are heavier and warmer.

Cotton and linen: summer fabrics par excellence, they represent the summer choice for any type of suit or sporty or elegant jacket. Not to be worn in the evening or for elegant occasions.

Blends: they can be of any kind, the most frequent are summer such as wool / silk / linen or cotton / linen / silk and represent a fascinating challenge between practicality and elegance.

Precious: cashmere, vicuna and guanaco are the most exclusive the textile industry has ever made on a loom. Extremely light and soft, they give warmth and comfort to the wearer.