Desire and Ambition

The success of Caliendo tailoring comes from the founder’s experience. In fact, at the age of 6, Biagio Caliendo began his path of knowledge and training with the master tailors of Casalnuovo, his native town and a real academy for all those who aspired to the title of Master Tailor.

His childhood was full of sacrifices in a family that was not very comfortable but did not want Biagio to give up his studies. So as a child he had to divide himself between two activities: school, attending classrooms and having to deal with peers, and the professional one by learning bespoke tailoring from the most important masters tailors of the time.

Since then, however, it has always been a crescendo: the first step was the relocation from Casalnuovo to Naples, a city that was all a ferment of elegant fashions that blended with the style and taste of Neapolitan tailors; then the need to work independently for their customers and handing down the secrets and rules of the style and good taste of tailoring. This is how Sartoria Caliendo was born in February 1961, in the Chiaia district and precisely in via Cappella Vecchia, a stone’s throw from Piazza dei Martiri, in what can be considered the real city lounge.

At the time, Biagio was just 17 years old, but he had already over 10 years of experience. Since then he has never stopped reaching satisfactions and goals. All with great sacrifices and with the awareness of having to offer an increasingly demanding clientele a better product, both in terms of quality and style. Since then Biagio has never stopped setting new challenges for himself. And since 1992 the tailoring has found an extra gear thanks to his son Elia. In fact, at the time, the 15-year-old son expressed the desire to get closer to his father’s profession and to learn alongside him, in his spare time from school. From that moment on, Biagio and Elia found in each other, for different reasons, their own stimulus and their own challenge for the future. After completing his studies, Elia devoted himself fully to tailoring, learning ancient techniques and meticulous refinements of the art of sewing.

Having started alone, today Biagio enjoys the satisfaction of seeing that more hands are indispensable to meet the demands of the tailor’s shop.

The satisfactions come from having handed down an ancient art and passion to his son, but also from Elia’s personal results. Realizing that success is based on refinement and refinement of details, Elia has helped to extend the popularity of tailoring, renewing it from father to son.

The enthusiasm of the youngest Caliendo brought the success of the family tailoring beyond the Campania borders. The meetings with customers, in fact, started to have a new weekly frequency in the meeting rooms of the hotels in Rome and Milan.

Elia’s new customers have different needs. In particular, the new customer needs to have a meeting point closer to international connections. Hence the need to open a permanent office in an international reference point. This is how on January 18, 2005 Elia launched the showroom in Milan, the fashion capital and reference of Italian style in the world.

The new Milanese tailoring perfectly reflects the style of the Neapolitan parent company. Right from the choice of location. In fact, it is located a stone’s throw from the famous Leonardo’s Last Supper Museum in an elegant area of ​​the city like Chiaia for Naples. Precisely in via Morozzo della Rocca, a side street of Corso Magenta. The tailoring, warm and refined, is a welcoming place for a clientele that is always sought after. Elia, in fact, has always refused the numerous requests for collaboration with international buyers and the proposals of the Milanese boutiques, always focusing on the direct relationship with his customers without modifying the quality of his products in the least, indeed always trying to supply products of greater value Elia’s ambition, according to the ancient tradition of which he is the “guardian”, is always to guarantee the artisan tailoring and focus on refined details and fabrics and never rely on the easy one of quantity and depersonalization of the artifacts.

Milan, however, is the starting point for an even strategic and broader vision of the now globalized market and so Elia has regularly started visiting London every three weeks in order to better satisfy customers who recognize the UK capital as the most convenient meeting point in Europe to reconcile business and the pleasure of a “bespoke” garment.

Finally, since 2016 there has been an exhibition showcase inside the Grand Hotel Quisisana in Capri. And what better springboard than the most luxurious and well-known hotel on the most exclusive island of the Gulf of Naples to get more and more credit to Caliendo tailoring as a synonym of elegance and style?